There are one hundred Xana Shards located throughout Radia. It has been undecided if these will play a role in the main quest (such as having to collect 20 of them or whatever) but they will certainly provide some sort of reward for the player. Here are their locations. When people make a chapter, be sure to include at least two of them! Remember to set up your areas to be revisited for Xana Shards and other special things! (Also make sure you update this page.)

Xana Shards will all use the small red chest so they are distinguishable.

Xana Shard locations will be listed once they are included in the game, not necessarily when they can be obtained. There's one in Chapter One that can't yet be obtained but I listed it here.

Chapter 1Edit

Shard Number 1Edit

Located inside Richard's House.


Shard Number 2Edit

Located in the hallway before the boss in Roth Temple.


Shard Number 3Edit

Located on the map Roth Forest - Bend: push some boulders around to reach it.


Shard Number 4Edit

Located on Radia Plains - South. Push a boulder onto a switch to reveal the chest.


Shard Number 5Edit

Located on Roth Forest - Crossroads. Jump across some streams to reach it.


Cannot jump as of Chapter 1.