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Welcome to the Radiant Chain Wiki[]

This is a wiki designed to assist developers of Radiant Chain, a chain game on It will help us keep track of the storyline, areas, and gameplay as the game is passed along. It can also serve as a hub for feedback or discussion.

The Radiant Chain is the second game in the RNW Chain game series. Unlike the first chain game though, the second chain game had members working together to get the first chapter together insted of one person doing the first chapter.

This Chain Game is NOT a direct sequal to the first Chain Game, mainly so people don't have to play the first game in order to start working on the second game. It does, however, take place in the same world as the first game, as stated by Seacliff within the pub of the town demo.

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Game Characters[]


List of Current Collaborators[]

RMW Name Skype Name
Deckiller Deckiller
thatbennyguy thatbennyguy
Seacliff seacliff217


Choco-Elliot Wyvern Bluryagami
Firen23055 xoltox.aom

Contact thatbennyguy or Seacliff if you wish to join in on the chain game, or just do it yourself lol.