Concept Art for Raphael

Basic InformationEdit

  • Full Name: Raphael Armandi
  • Nickname/Alias: N/A
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: April 27
  • Height: 150 cm
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Blood Type: O+
  • Nationality: Vilvatian

Raphael Armandi, 25 years old, is one of the members of the Vilvata Reconnaissance Team that protects the city and its inhabitants. He is known to be one of the most talented soldiers of their unit. He is the object of hate and jealousy because of his close relationship with Cornelia.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

His first and last appearance is in Chapter 4: The Song of Taliesin.

Notable traitsEdit

  • He's usually sleeping.
  • Emotionally Guarded.
  • Frank and blunt. He doesn't sugarcoat.
  • He doesn't speak much unless he needs to.
  • Has a hard time expressing his feelings.
  • Constantly fatigued and seems to always worry about something.


  • Sleeping
  • Quiet places
  • A huge fan of a certain book.


  • Crowded places
  • Reconnaissance Missions


  • A vacation


  • Failure
  • Reconnaissance Missions

Battle StyleEdit

He specializes in dual wielding and tanking.

Character Creation NotesEdit

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