The Gyth are a demonic race; some of which are demihumans. Their ruler is unknown, but one of their elite leaders is Raul of Gyth.

They were sealed away in the past via the Gyth Seal and the power of Xana after a bitter war around 20-30 years ago (or more...).

They were able to somehow return in small numbers for four hours, which they used to capture a Xana Crystal. This allowed some of them to return permanently to Radia ten months later. They have seized another Crystal and plan on seizing the final six for a sinister plot.

With each crystal they seize, the Gyth can send more of their forces into Radia. They also turn humans into Drones to help augment their fighting numbers while they remain short-handed.

Canonical Facts (Spoiler Alert)Edit

  • 20+ years ago, there was a war between gyths and the humans of radia, and the gyth were sealed away into another realm via the Gyth Seal at Nuva Island.
  • Raul of Gyth led a small team of Gyth to break the seal at Nuva Island via ways we don't know about yet. This small team had a few hours to do their plot. They took the Xana Crystal at the island and then were sealed back into the ir world.
  • One year later, they used the crystal to allow a small number of them to warp back into our world. They began attacking Radian towns and stuff and took a bunch of them prisoner to be made into servants called Drones.
  • Charlotte was supposedly one of these Drones, but we don't know if she really was or if she had joined them at some other point.
  • With each Xana Crystal they obtain, more of the Gyth can leave their realm and invade Radia.
  • Gyth leaders are humanoid demons; most other Gyth are monsters/demons. All Gyth can turn humans into Drones, mindless servents of the Gyth.
  • Gyth names are derived from Welsh.